Welcome to Admiral District. We are a creative content studio focused on elevating great ideas and crafting one-of-a-kind stories. We are midwesterners with strong work ethics and can-do attitudes that our clients find very refreshing. We know that every great story has a beginning, middle, and an end. Our mission in life is to help discover all of those components for our clients- and all of the serendipitous details in between.

Our name is inspired by the neighborhood we call home. The Blackstone District, as it is now called, was once the busiest commercial district in town. It was home to tea rooms and billiard halls. Hardware stores and bakeries. Churches and diners. There were multiple grocery stores and bars, a roller rink, and a movie theatre.  That theatre, The Admiral, was the cornerstone of the district. People from every surrounding neighborhood would gather at the Admiral weekly to experience creativity, life, and community.

The neighborhood where the Admiral existed fell on hard times and began to fade away- for decades. In the last 6 years it has been transformed into a beautifully crafted collection of Omaha's creative class. It has been rebuilt by hardworking entrepreneurs who are the best at what they do. We have created a vibrant community that pays homage to what once existed. EVERYTHING about this story is an inspiration to us as story tellers. We are crazy excited to bring creativity, life, and community to every single one of our projects.

Let's build something beautiful together.




When we tell people that we work out of a church basement, we typically get some very interesting looks. But, we really do. Brad bought a historic church building in 2014 in the heart of the historic Blackstone District, a neighborhood he has devoted the last 7 years to help revitalize, and has been recreating and reworking the space for 15 months. The top level has been converted into one of the best event venues in Omaha. The bottom level boasts 6500 sq ft of creative work space, offices, and studios. We've got Omaha's best coffee, beer, haircuts, pizza, margaritas, and fried Oreos just a few short steps from our front door.