Local Beer Part 1- Scriptown Brewing Company by Admiral District

We've been working on a really cool project. Huge understatement. Working with an Omaha company called Local to tell the story of local beer. Charlie Yin, owner of Local, travels to different Nebraska breweries to hang with the brewers and sample the goods. This is a 6 part video series.

Scott Stephens, left, and John Fahrer, owners of Scriptown Brewing Company located at 3922 Farnam St, Omaha, NE 68131

Scott Stephens, left, and John Fahrer, owners of Scriptown Brewing Company located at 3922 Farnam St, Omaha, NE 68131

A Rare Breed of Wooly Pig by Admiral District

We've been working on a really interesting story for Midwest Food Stories about a farming family in north eastern Nebraska that raise a rare breed of pigs. The Mangalitsa breed originated in the Hungarian empire and was initially bred for it's very unique fat. Almost extinct as recently as the 1980s, farmers have slowly brought this pig back and the fat, as well as the meat, has become very popular with chefs in the last decade. Chef Brian O'Malley, head instructor at the Institute of Culinary Arts at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, Nebraska, traveled with the Midwest Food Stories crew to the farm to learn about this breed. And then the farmers traveled back to the kitchen to watch Chef O'Malley and his team work their magic.


Ugly Duck- Japanese Americana Street Food by Admiral District

We were hired to produce a series of videos for a shiny new ramen restaurant just down the street from our studio. Ugly Duck, which is located in the Midtown Crossing District of Omaha, Nebraska, is serving up some super fun food. Casual and great beer pairings! Here is the first video of the series.

Midwest Food Stories- a personal food project by Admiral District

Last January, I started working on a personal food project about the food culture in Omaha.

I invited chef's to drop by my studio to create a dish that was important to them. Something grandma used to make that inspired their love affair with food. A dish that inspired a concept, a menu, or even a philosophy. A dish that helped make them who they are today. Every person I collaborated with had a completely unique story. Some of the folks are restaurant owners, some are writers, graphic designers, teachers, and students. The common thread is that they are all extremely passionate about food. 

This project has evolved into way more than I could have imagined when I started out. Large prints from this project will be available to view at a special event at my studio. In addition to the prints, a limited run book featuring all of the recipes will be available to purchase. All proceeds go to the Omaha Food Chairty, No more Empty Pots. Videos from the series will be released each week- the first three episodes can be viewed on the blog: www.midwestfoodstories.com.

M's Pub by Admiral District

This past weekend, a tragic fire broke out in one of Omaha's most cherished restaurants in one of Omaha's most loved and historic neighborhoods. As an owner of two historic building that are both well over one hundred years old, I am devastated by the potential loss of the iconic Old Market building that M's called home for decades. The core structure seems to remain intact, but it is hard to say if that structure is still capable of carrying a load. I am hopeful and optimistic that this structure can be saved and this beloved corner can be reborn.

Last year, we had the honor and privilege of capturing some images for an editorial feature on M's Pub. It was about the atmosphere, the style, the food, and the drink. I hope that I can return in the future to document the next chapter of this story.


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