Midwest Food Stories- a personal food project / by Admiral District

Last January, I started working on a personal food project about the food culture in Omaha.

I invited chef's to drop by my studio to create a dish that was important to them. Something grandma used to make that inspired their love affair with food. A dish that inspired a concept, a menu, or even a philosophy. A dish that helped make them who they are today. Every person I collaborated with had a completely unique story. Some of the folks are restaurant owners, some are writers, graphic designers, teachers, and students. The common thread is that they are all extremely passionate about food. 

This project has evolved into way more than I could have imagined when I started out. Large prints from this project will be available to view at a special event at my studio. In addition to the prints, a limited run book featuring all of the recipes will be available to purchase. All proceeds go to the Omaha Food Chairty, No more Empty Pots. Videos from the series will be released each week- the first three episodes can be viewed on the blog: www.midwestfoodstories.com.